Russia, Transsiberian Train, On the road from Moscow to Beijing / Pekin

Ready for a jump.

Leaving dark Moscow.


Ty chociesz ti or cofi?

Reading A power of subconscious mind.

Being in first class is like owning a club:)

Finally drinking tea in a proper way:)

It's where the things go and don't come back.

Fiona and Mike.

Svetlana, drunk Fil, Sierioza and Fiona

Rudy and his famous trick:)

Shot glasses.

A massive hangover after 4 bottles of the Devil Russian Spirit.:)

Dima is breakdancing.

Kitajce on the way back home.

11 hours on the Russian / Chinese border.

Cwaniak w kucki.

Marki, Dolary, Marki, Dolary.

Tola, our prowadnica:)

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  1. Tell smth more about Rudy's trick, i'm curous


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