Russia, Moscow, Street

Ilicz and the rest.

Russian style ad.

Toilet Lady.

A huge golden Rolex watch - one of the symbols of Luxury.


Being one of them:)


A man with the Dog dog.

A pearl of the architecture.

An expensive bar mlecznyj.

Rockmen from Wiza:)

On this street we've seen life movie scene with the Pimp and the his hooker.

CCCP rulez:) everywhere.

A view from our hostel. A mixture of concrete and roman style architecture:)

Busy streets of Moscow.

A neon z pestkami.


  1. Do you guys just travel in Russia or do you take the trans-siberian train? I've read a lot about it recently, seems like you can get to China for less than 300 euros!

    "Russian style ad" -> great!

  2. We're taking a Transs Train. It's about 500 Euro 1rst class, other tickets are sold out, but who cares we are living here only for once.

  3. nice, first class. I like:) All inclusive:) Style! Happy blogger's day!

  4. Hej Tommy. Ty tu Russian style. Czapki uszatki i matrioszki, a ja wczoraj sie dowiedzialem ze stalem sie italiano. Mam ta prace w Trusardi wiec jak bedziesz chcial troche luxury goods nabyc to zapraszam. Pozdrowka

    PS Are you brothers????

  5. hehe, no to rewelero! Gratulejszyn!


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