Poland, Sopot, Spatif rocks

This time we were wandering around Sopot on the Sunday night with Karen and finally finished in Spatif. As usually when I don't take my camera miracles happen. Poor Filip. Otherwise you could see the pictures where Leszek Mozdzer is siting with us and playing Elizabeth especially for Karen. You would see that Darek Kordek is not only a looking good chap in his early 40 but also he's still a cool guy as we know him from the famous polish oldschool series from 90ties "W labiryncie". You could also be a witness of informal interview with the BigCyc boss Jacek Jędrzejak "Dżej Dżej" about the singing and rock'n'roll role of Skiba in their band. Not to mention drunk old French-Polish ladies doing something like striptease in the middle of the bar dancing to the Burt Bacharach piano sounds.

BTW: I've got a new temp Polish number. I can't keep up with all my mates so if you want to meet me up in Gdansk/Sopot call me or text me on 791358781.

I also looking for cool people ready for Transsiberian train from Moscow to Beijing. I'm planning to start my trip through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, St Petersburg on about 13Th of August. Let me know if you fancy to join.


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