Lithuania, Vilnius, Tracking the biggest Polish Lithuanians

Litwo ojczyzno moja:)

Was Adam Mickiewicz Polish?

Hey teachers give me a break. I don't want to be read in school and hated by young people.

Matka boska apparently is listening us:)

Generation D.

Generation A.

Socks in sandals and daily papers.

A cool place for a squat.

A wall I like.

A church.

A wallpaper

A boy, girl and a dog.

We are happy we are acting.

A man with a bag.

King's cross

A tower of power.

Making of...

A green gate.

May I beg you a pardon?

Light is there. Light is here.

A man in a gate.

Happy grammas.

A gate to Vilnius

Street art.

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  1. od dzisiaj, oficjalnie, zostaje twoja fanka.
    Twoich fotografi i inspiracji!ahh

    pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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