Estonia, Tallinn, Discovering my music roots:)

Yeah the club is called DM. I found it right after a pigeon shitted on me.

A cold blond Estonian princess who forgot how to smile was siting inside with the bored mime and listening "Personal Jesus" life version:)

In Tallinn where Estonian founded Skype and Kazaa they are apologized for no wireless in cafe:)

They even make a photography session with the professional geek about wireless Tallinn:)

But some guys prefer sun and newspaper then shadow and laptop. God bless them.

Clubbing with a Canadian stockbroker - Brian. Brian's chat up lines:
Brian: "Are you Estonian?"
An Estonian girl "Do you want to buy me a drink"
Brian: "Filip let's go around"

So we finished talking to two Finish engaged 21 years old girls.

And we decided to leave the party, get drunk while watching a footie game between Germany and England with French, Kiwi, and Aussie:)

And I've learnt how to easily make 30-40% profit a year on Stocks.

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  1. Hello, I saw something that I thought was quite relevant to this page and I thought it would not hurt to post it here... There is a documentary coming out about Estonia's Singing Revolution: This film is quite inspirational.


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