Slovenia, Ljubljana, Almost like the southern Poland

but cleaner and greener

From the top of the Castle

Underground area called Matelkova ulica

Surprisingly there is a decent jazz scene in Ljubljana.

There are plenty of open minded New Yorkers in Europe.

A chav resistant nightlife area

Slovency biora odwet na kazdym kroku:) warning: PL humour

Slovenian language sounds like a combination of Polish and Slovakian. Very funny indeed.

Zajec ktory leczy - A rabbit that cures people:)

Slovency kroja trendy. warning: PL humour

Nawet Listek placi tu podatki za parkowanie:) warning: PL humour

To get a grasp of Slovenian culture I've watched a movie about dudes messing around in the summer in Ljubljana - Fuckit / Jebiga by Miha Hocevar. Very funny, very easy-going, lively dialogs. Just kind of movie I like. The kind of movie I'll make one day with my Polish mates.

Love is in the air..

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