Poland, Okolice Skorcza, Kacper i Milena - wedding

Henius and Milena finally:)

We'll be late.

Filip I've never been on the mas in a church.

Don't worry it's usually boring and takes no longer then 1 hr:)

Sometimes it's fun :)

Oh yeah:)

We didn't pray for a rain:)

Gosia and Afro aunt

Our character

No Henius:) You've got a toy:)

Two Charles' Angels:)

Boy and girls

Have you got a cigarette?


Dad and his saint Golfs

Let's play

Heading to the Polish village

Oh yeah

A traffic in the village

You are being watched

High time for "Gorzko, gorzko"

Wszyscy Polacy to jedna rodzina:)

My brother is the next one:)


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