Italy, Florence, Last shots

More renesanse art on the quadrat meter then enywhere in the world

Huge doors to nowhere on every corner.

If not students from Erasmus city is not rather friendly.

Everyone has its own road.

Michael Angelo seems like a unofficial king of Florence.

Da Vinci code.

No matter how I care I am easily bored of classical music.

Just a landscape.

I love this picture. I've got not strong enough gear to make it sharp. This photo showing the essensce of life.

It's cool to drive an old BMWr don't you think so?

A sculpture made by human being rules the life of human beings.

Yo sexy baby

Oh my gosh, Filip I'm leaving tomorrow:)

Showing respect to my Spanish - Italian new friends few minutes before heading to the nightclub. This time Barcelona won with Real Madrit 2:1 in a frendly FiFa game:)




My passion - a weakness to the neons.

Sometimes I feel like I'm 18 with the full pocket and total freedom of choice.

Don't you believe?

Daddy cool

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