Bulgaria, Varna, Chillin' at the Black Sea

Be cool:)

Trying to follow Bulgarian taste:)

Finding a friend in Varna is a hard work but Ronald is always to make you feel good:)

A yummy ice-cream. Pyszny lodzik:)

Bulgarian job - man with a scales.

You are over weighed and sweating too much.

You should run like these boys.

Goeff and Yana - my couchsurfing hosts. Good luck with your trip.

If I didn't argue with her maybe our kids would finally finish University?

Sladki:) What t.f.?:)

Live ad:)

Bulgarian princesses.

Bushy eyebrows and a pedestrian.

If your father was a communist he probably been there:)

Goeff and pub crawlers - the most takcy and the worst party I've ever seen.

Pissed German, English and Scandinavian teenagers shaking booty to the doggy music trying to pull brainless "sexy" friends. The rest you can only imagine:)

Yana and friends taking the piss.

You fucking Eejit Irish are cool:)

Refreshing drinks:)

Dog and bone = ... - Can you Cockney yet?

A beach from the other side.

What's left after communism.

Learning Cyrillic. Lesson 2 for advanced readers.

Just a case if you are lost you can always ask for a help:)

It's fine honey. We should finally take a break and relax.

No more Ikeas this week.

Being like a lifeguard.

With this passion to football you guys probably have to wait longer for w new Stoitchov then we for our brand new Boniek. I reckon 15 years:)

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