Albania, Tirane, Bustling and modern capital

Natural beauty of teens and

friendly elders.

Albanians are friendly and helpful. There are probably more Mercedes in Tirane than in the whole Germany:)

One of the coolest flag in Europe

The power of football and lotto.

Local fast food - a fried corn.

Almost half of population lives in the capital.

What makes Tirane special is combination of old traditional people and young modern trendsetters

A good combination of fancy shops and shoes street markets.

The problem of the city is not lack of good cars but electricity.

Afro-Albanian relax in the park.

Mediterranean outdoor social lifestyle

My new Slovakian funny mates Szufla and Zlota

Bustling capital

Night in Tirane

Before you judge people from any country understand the difference between global policy and individuals.

Saying good bye to Communism soon I hope.

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