UK, London, My travel plans FAQ

How long you want to travel?
As long as I want. A half a year or more.

Do you want to come back to London?
Definitely I love this city and I've got awesome friends here.

Do you want to come back to Poland?
Don't think so. I could have lived only in Sopot or Warsaw which is 2 hours fly from London so what’s the point?

Where are you going first?
Italy. I feel a bit Italian in certain ways: Cheesy Italo disco, ice creams, coffee, food, sun, beach, culture, design, relaxed attitude, football, gorgeous women, funny guys.

When you are going?
Thursday morning on the 28th of June.

So do you have any plans?
Yes, Very rough indeed. They can change anytime I feel I want to. Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, East Europe, Sopot (I’ve got 2 weddings 1-13 Aug) Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, China, Japan, South East Asia, India, NYC (Route 66 road trip) LA, San Diego, Mexico, Central America, Columbia, The Whole South America, Brasilia, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenia … ???

Who is paying for your trip?
I’ve got very rich parents. They sold my flat in Sopot to sponsor my trip (joke) Actually a something jelly I’ve got between my ears pays. I can always do freelance on the road right?

When you come back?
When I feel ready to.

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