UK, London, Miss Polonia UK 2007 on Bricklane, Beata, Agnieszka i Ania rocks

Aren't they cute?

I was trying to dress up girls properly:)

Look at that.

Street drinking in a Polish style - awesome! Now I guess I should have got my shares from Wizzair and Ryanair by promoting Poland. I guess it might be too late. All sold out:(



Yupiii... Now you know of how much fun we've got that day?


The Gherkin for the first time in History really doesn't matter in the background.

And here is me, you and you.

A lucky bloke, not aware of how amazing women waiting outside to get his number;)

Where is our private bus Filip? You have promised.:)

At the Rythm Factory, getting ready for videoclip.

Bartek the day after being promoted;)

The Poise Rite.

Entymedia in action.

The electric fantastic postgrunge band Jitter.

Girls are awesome.

And... Even Madonna poppad up at the party. Such a great, sexy girl.

Boys, boys, boys.

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