UK, London, Miss Polonia UK 2007 - Hanging out with our Polish 90/60/90 gorgeous girls Part 1.

Steve and Nash from BBC - cool guys who produce a documentary about Miss Polonia UK 2007 and other cool Poles like me, Rudy, Bartek, Rywin, Radek:). Guys keep in touch.

Beata and Ania in front of the a tower with a clock.

Asia, Julia, Martynka, Ola i Aga having fun.

The last posing on the boring grass and let's head off to more creative picture playground.

Filip, we're ready, give as a shout when we go.


Do you think I'm funny? Do you think I'm funny? Ha?

You got it boy.

Shoes and bags. All in style. Little details mean alot.

Their shirts are meaningful.

Last coffee in the chain Starbucks and...

...guys, let's move to the East End.

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