UK, London, The last shots from London

Eating at my favourite after hangover Asian food - Wagamama at Angel station.

Discovering home made pasta at Layton with Madonna

Trying to remember that we are still in East London.

Saying good bye to my favourite cafe friends.

Understanding awantgarde jazz with Leszek Mozdzer - mate from Sopot:)

Being behind the backstage with LUTOSPHERE project with Andrzej Bauer and DJ m. Bunio.S and Leszek Mozdzer

Last look at London Eye.

And the Tower Bridge.

Exploring Brazilian break dance at Japanese Party at Indian Street with Half Cuban half Portuguese black mate Jee in London.

Making friends before heading off to Tokyo:)

Observing Polish guys at the football game at Bahlam

Nice place to talk:)

Stealing trends from students:)

Getting familiar with the real art:)

Getting to know the model and the artist:)

Enjoying one of the last parties in UK.

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  1. świetny blog! :D szczególnie powalająca jest ta książeczka poniżej :)
    nie słuchaj takich ludzi jak anonim w poprzednim poście ;] prowadź dalej, bo fajnie się ogląda i czyta.
    btw - fajne masz imię ^^


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