UK, London, Drinking beer with Tymon Tymanski in the evening socialising:) with O.S.T.R. at night

Now Filip and Tymon has officially become friends:)

Tymon and the Transistors playing "Don't panic we are from Poland"

Young English fans of Punk'n'Rock

Some were listening in coma

Tymon Tymanski in action "Widzialem Cieee z innim chlopciem"

Crowd gathered next to the Oxo Tower

Woman's touch in Tymon's music

LondonEyeTV boy:)

And Marcin Bobkowski my ex-musician from Crew 10 years ago:)

Making of:)

Tymon again

Typical Polish dancing:)

Superb 3City atmosphere in London

Piotr and Aniol

My funny dudes from Malenczuk gig last year.

What an awesome day

Paulina - a Nikon girl

Bohemia on a bench.

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