UK, London, Cleaning up my memory wall:)

I know that it might sound cheesy and sentimental but my father comes from the South East of Poland, very close to the Ukrainian border. My mom is on the contrary the city girl from the seaside so you can imagine this combination:)

And here is the short list:)

Bulldog pass ID
Prismix - my first properly designed business card
Happy Bday cards
Red Letter Cornwall surfing voucher as a reward for a employer of the month:)
Erikah Badu ticket
Elvis from Spatiff email
Roma Castelo
Fun Lovin' Criminals tickets
Meeting Kevin Smith
Summertime with the illegal gig in the middle of Regent's Park
Zuza Jungowska
Bulldog Web Design Manager business cards
Media conference invite
Fil Straughan funky NY singer
Flow Interactive bc
Language school at Dublin
More and Less campaign
Smiffy's gadgets
Gatwick Return tickets
Sevilla bus timetable
Easy Jet to Amsterdam - my first trip alone - awesome experience
Melbourne observation deck
London - Copenhagen
Hostal Santander at Trinidad
Casa de la Musica at Havana
Perel and Ewelina wedding
New Zealand to Sydney from Argentinean Airlines
3 Cuban Pesos with Che
Entrada to Gaudi Catalunia at Barcelona
Jazz Cafe - Grandmaster Flash
Late at the Airport - Malaga
SKM Gdansk - Sopot
Metrobus Roma
Letter from my Brother
Funkology I couldn't have found in London
The Hasselhoff Scandal party
Michael Franti and Xavier Rudd
Fake letter from Bart Pogoda in Havana
Tym and Krosny show
Funky fusion
Virgin Sport Centre classes
Screen on the Green - Match Point
Tropical Park at Lisbon
Lion King
Islazul from Varadero
Microsoft funny ad
Lonely Planet world map
Cuban street art
Piotr Tolysz Graphics
Paulina's Fillip on the road
The world cup 2006 in the Elbow Room
The Dutch Bulldog Chain Cafe
Plans if anything was possible
Cocoon - best food in London
Wedding Crashers
Villareal - Arsenal - semi final Champions League 2006
Barcelona tube
Chelsea - Barcelona - CL 2006
Best pasta in Rome
Queen Mother Sports Centre
Sevilla Tube
Black Water Rafting
The Da Vinci Code from Brighton
Easy Internet Cafe - looking for a job in London

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