UK, London, 3 Days in neighbourhood

I can hear you but there has been a just a new plan come to my mind...

Filip, in August 1997 in a very sunny day Me and my friends were meeting in Miasto Krakow...

But don't publish those pictures ok?

Enjoying the night with Bartek 118 and Rywin at Kings Head on Upper Street.

One of last few chances to smoke this shit inside. Marlboro cowboys need to prepare a new ad.

Saying good buy for the first time to my Goswell Road.

And to my favourite bus 38.

Filip don't take me picture I don't like the pictures. Let's talk. So what can you tell me?

Saying hello to Anna and Martin:), saying good bye to the Angel station with a tear in my eyes:)

London lifestyle - eating Chinese prawns in Thai restaurant with Polish mates while listening to the Romanian gypsies playing on Upper street in front of the Cuban bar.

What can you see on this picture?

His haircut:) Przechuj:) Is there any word which translate from Przechuj into English? I can put my mullet wigs into the box and hide them down the cellar.

Let's head off to the Jazz Bar at Dalston.

It's pretty cool, tiny and smoky out there so you just have to speak to other people. No excuse. A nightmare for an average Londoner finding hard to socialise.

And Here is my biggest surprise. Especially if you are a Sopot's funlovin' beach boy:). Waiting for 40 minutes in a cue in front of the tiny off licence shop called Jazz Bar to pay £3.5 for a pint of beer while it's totally legal and allowed to dring outside (24 degrees) for the price of £1, fresh air and lot of space. Please explain it to me.

: Hi, are you a photogrepher...?
- Yes I am;)...You look like a young version of Claudia Shiffler. Do you have German/Swedish roots?
: (5 min talk)... You are so charming... He's is so cool.... Wow .....Mmmm... And where you from?
- a) I'm Italian but my mom is Slovenian
: Great I love Italy... Here is my number... Your place or my place?
- b) I'm Polish
: Amm..... Argh.....Polish girls are stunning. I think we need to go. It was nice to meet you. Bye...
- (I can't just play Italian it's so tiring.)

So I'm going myself to my place.

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  1. watek o 'italian ' jest bomba :))
    sweet of you, as always

    leaving Goswell or left already?


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