UK, London, My life is like a Roller caster

I can't keep up with my life. It's changing every hour. It's even more crazy then a Aerosmith Roller caster at Universal Studio in Orlando. 100 creative ideas a minute, 1000 creative thoughts, 10000 people met on my way, 100000... missed picture opportunities. Joyous life in London.

If I could I'd love to hire second me to keep up with my blog life. I don' mind hiring a videographer, a photoshop junior operator, webdesigner and as well as copyrighter:)

I can share with you random photos I've taken recently without any particular order.

Life conversation in Tate.

Making of the "Passion for woman" at sunny afternoon with Barteks.

On of the best modern museums in the world. For free.

Latin fruits. A luck and trouble?

Come and join us we are very interested of who you are.

I can tell you a story in Russian.

Because I like to take it by my self.

Don't call me Sandra.

Barteks as paparazzi.

Sorry mate you certainly have a huuge cock. I was drunk and I was kidding.

Is having a passion healthy?

Paulinka posing at a Bricklane's cafe.

Honey I'll call you when our meeting's finished.

If you haven't reached here you haven't been to London.

Still cool, but I prefer Banksy.

Bartek you've got a very interesting job:)

You have to love them.

Shau, dziki shau.

Pure beauty.

Pure love.

Pure interest.

Easy talk counts.

London's loneliness.

Yellow in white works for black.

Stylish Japanish.

On of my favourites shots. If you don't like it you need go take holidays.

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