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Ufff... That were such a loooong days full of excitement. I've met wonderful people, filled up my hard drive with the pictures which I'll be sharing with you day by day. Respect to all of you. Thanks to you I'm updating my blog. You are my soul food. You are my inspiration. I'm just sending you a positive energy but now just look of how beautifull Polish womam could be. Just amazing.

I'll try to pick the best photo of each candidate so you can have a look and enjoy your eyes and whatever it means for you:) Trust me they are all amazing. You can also have a look of what my friend Emigrobot has been doing recently:) and check London Eye TV for the news from London.

Today's fantastic girls are: Anna Grad, Małgorzata Czapka,Agata Ziarek,Beata Widecka,Julia Suroz,Joanna Siudzińska,Renata Napierała,Kinga Grzeszczyk,Adrianna Wardzińska ,Agnieszka Nowakowska,Martyna Grzegorzewska,Aleksandra Monach,Anna Bronowska

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  1. WTF? These girls supposed to be ready for a beauty contest in your opinion? OK, sleep well...


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