UK, London, The Boat Party at Thames Part 1

One day I'll take Monika for a drive.

I bet you that they've not bought a flat in Rzeszow yet.

Observing Aussies at Temple Walkabout staring at the rugby screens I can understand why women finding footie boring:)

For some guys that's the last chance to swallow a happy pill.

I need come back in the new BMW and set up my business... Anka is missing the family.

The Thames from the other side.

Darek - my new doors to the big events:) The gate is open again:)
I work in TV. Shall we go through all this crap? Why don't you just take my zip off:) Darek smiiiile:)

Danny look at that city, how lucky we are that we jumped off the train before they had all been caught up. Did you change your number already. Siwy and Czapla will be released soon.

Happy? But why?:)

Polish do like other cultures.

I'm enough of these weddings, give me a chance to do some real work. Here is my show real.

Smoke on the water.

The one who once sung under the bridge on the boat knows how it feels.