Uk, London, Admiring brilliant artists - Ireneusz Krosny and Stanisław Tym

Achtung... For non polish speakers - Stanisław Tym - a polish black comedy legend. Top class.

So as you probably know. Wiec ten rosyjski oficer patrzy w list zaczytany: "Caly czas wertujemy książki w bibliotece, wszystko już przeczytane:)"

Ireneusz Krosny. A Master of all the mimes in the world. You just can't probably be more funny. He should charge at least 100quid for a ticket. The funniest thing I've watched this year. Clerks 2 has been moved down to the position 2.

Thank you Ela - a very relaxed girl on your left - for invite.

Japanese party on Bricklane, thanks to Bartek from 118.

I'm afraid I'll stuck in Tokyo for a while:)

Ania from Hoplaa dance group - second from the left - talking about inspiration for her great short dancing clip.

Drunken Monkey:) Cool dj bar with the great Kung Fu music.

One of the coolest parts of the town.

Off licence crawling in front of Big Chill.

She said I'm very sexy. So what we are drinking next?

When a cute woman with the dark hair speaks Italian I'm getting mellow.

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