My conversation with God as the Sunday's prayer

- God, Why Jesus didn't teach us - guys of how to speak to woman?

Maybe he did. You just don't know that. He was definitely an awesome man with amazing charisma. But he also had sexual needs. Do you believe none of the girl fancied him?

- Come one, he was God.

True but do you think God doesn't have sexual needs? I designed you as I wanted you to look like me.

- Are you saying that you've got an orgasm as well?

At this stage of your life you can't understand this. But don't worry of having strong sexual needs. You are a normal young man.

- Ok, so why some woman use blokes because they are aware of how much we desire their bodies?

They are physically weaker than you guys, their life is more difficult than yours, so this is their power so there is a balance in this world. Otherwise you guys would never appreciated them as they get older and less beautiful.

- That makes sense. I think I need to pray. It's Sunday and I've not been in a church for ages. I've got a feeling that the prayer Jesus was teaching us is not exactly what you want to tell us.

Bollocks. But I'm happy to listen to your doubts. I'll try to explain step by step in possible simple way.

- First of all. "Ojcze nasz ktoryś jest w niebie / Our Father, who art in heaven." So where is heaven, where are you?

I'm everywhere. In trees, in you, in people, in birds, in every lively aspect of life.

- What about "Święć się imię twoje / hallowed be thy name"? I understand this, but what is exactly your name?

It's just a generic one. You call me God cause it helps you to be grateful that I'm here to assist your in your problems. When you are grateful for what you've already got your body releases stress and you feel happier. It's basically good for your health.

- Next one, "Przyjdź królestwo twoje / thy kingdom come." Do you mean that I need to call you to be with me, I though you are already here.

I'm always with you but by calling this you are becoming aware of me. And this makes you being more secure in your life.

- "Bądź wola twoja / thy will be done?" Is that mean that there are some limitations of what we are asking for?

Of course they are. Otherwise you would all guys drive red sport cars, have unlimited sex with the most amazing woman on this planet, make loads of money without any work put into it. You just need to put a bit effort to get this. At the beginning it might be even a small effort like a letter, an email sent to the right person. Later on as you are in the right direction you just enjoy putting more and more effort in order to achieve what you really want.

For example can you imagine young musicians praying for me to be a pop stars, and I give it to them straight away? Would you be ever listening the radio again? I need to make sure that they are ready to be popstars. Being a music celebrity is not only having publicity, money but also being ready to take every negative aspect of life caused by being a people person in today's world.

All I want to say is that: by not asking you are going to go longer to succeed than these who ask. Jesus was telling you that: "Ask and you will be given". If Jesus said so so why you are saying it might not be truth. It will be given to you when I feel you are really ready for it. You just need to remember that you can get anything you want but not necessary today or tonight. And I can feel that you are not starving enough to get this (what you asking) tonight. If I knew that you really in 100% wanted this I'd given you pretty soon, or maybe today.

When you look at your life now there are plenty of things happened to you as you had asked for them in the past. Even if it has taken you years to realise this.

- True, thanks for that. Let's go to the next line, "Bądź wola Twoja, jako w niebie tak i na ziemi / on earth as it is in heaven." Is that mean that my wish is your command if you feel I'm ready both physically and spiritually?

Not really. It means that you can't get everything you want in materialistic and spiritual way right away. You need to grow up to get it quicker. You need to be at Jesus' level to get it at the same moment when you ask. You need to develop yourself. The more mature you are the faster your wish will be fulfilled.

- It means that it might take even ages.

I know already what you truly want and if this matches of what you physically ask for I'll get you this straight away. If there is not match between your mental and spiritual needs You have to accept waiting until you are totally integrated.

- Let it be. What about "Chleba naszego powszedniego daj nam dzisiaj / Give us this day, our daily bread"

If you think of this situation you already have enough money to eat as much bread as long as you want for another 50 years. Filip, you just should not have worried about this. If we are talking about hunger in Africa that's totally different conversation. At least not for this post. And I know you are leaving soon to the Theatre.

- Ok, let's go to "I odpuść nam nasze winy jak i my odpuszczamy naszym winowajcom / and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

This is to help your health, for you goodwill. While you are praying I've already let your sins go . As you probably know every sin has consequence in your life and the life of people around you. All you need to do is to bring more love to the world and remember to be good to other people. Remember to sorry them as soon as you notice you did something wrong to them. Let them know you are aware.

- True, some people might think it's a weakness.

If you sorry for the real mistake do it. Don't sorry too much for the light things unless you are English:) But if you really think of some people who find sorrying as weaknes look what the Great Britan means in the world and you will get the answer. Such a small, windy cold, a bit dogdy island and everybody speaks English in the world. Boy, you should really learn the dyplomacy from your mates.

- I've noticed that. Just been curious what you think. "I nie wódź nas na pokuszenie ale nas zbaw ode złego / And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." What is that?

It means that you are asking me to look after you when you go too much into drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, coffee, stress, danger, tv, internet. I'm going to let you know when to stop. And I'm doing this now. That's why you spent the whole day talking to me last night, I had to take you out of this for a while so you can see that this is not the good way to carry on and on. You were drunk almost every night for the last week, forgot about things to do, forgot about swiming, affirmation, healthy food. You haven't even played your favourite game - footie for the few months. I had to stop you otherwise you could lost yourself.

- Thanks. I think I now understand. Really appreciate this. Now I feel much better But I also have had a feeling that my life is missing something.

Not at all, you just stopped at the right moment. You just need to take control. You are starting a new life right every single moment. You can change your life direction by a simple decision. Past exist only in your memory. I gave you enough power to take control over every aspect of your life right away.

- Wow, Thank you for this short prayer. I feel like I need to go to the Show now. I'm feeling much better after this short talk. Thanks alot.

TC buddy. I'm still with you as long as you want.

- Great so let's go.

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  1. so amazing that it all matches perfectly - everything what you've been thinking, dreaming about or asking for having no doubt about receiving it, been worried or afraid of - you've been given that and it happened to you
    personally it took me many years to become conscious of all that stuff, and feel like there is still a lot left for me to do
    I had a very hard time recently, but so many things changed suddenly in my life during last 4 months.. and I just red a book.. and opened my mind
    feel way happier, calmer and relaxed
    I just think it was my time to end the old one and start the new chapter of my life
    now I feel like I'm in charge, I decide about my present and future - I'm aware of that
    'Conversations With God' changed my life
    Low Of Attraction - Filip - I'm happy that I met you and had the opportunity to spend few moments with you to share our thoughts


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