Miss Polonia UK 2007 - our Polish amazing woman

Enjoy! I just can't add anything more:) This is why I am loving Poland today:)

I've had a chance to talk to few girls and must say that they're not only very good looking, but also have amazing character and personality. At the end of the day who wants to hang out with a boring princess? Thanks God our Polish girls have also got something interesting to say.

Agata Ziarek [06],Renata Napierała [10],Kinga Grzeszczyk [11],Julia Suroz [08]

Martyna Grzegorzewska [22],Agata Ziarek [06]

Adrianna Wardzińska [15],Aleksandra Monach [23],Małgorzata Czapka [02], Agnieszka Nowakowska [21]

Renata Napierała [10],Julia Suroz [08],Anna Grad [01]

Adrianna Wardzińska [15],Joanna Siudzińska [09]

Beata Widecka [07],Anna Bronowska [24]

You can support her by sending a text message Miss + girl number (for example Miss 666) for the following number 81616, it will only cost you 1.50 + regular standard sms price including VAT. Come on it's just a half a pint. And you are sending positive vibrations in the Universe of love:)