UK, London, Swing'n roll in Covent Garden with the Jiveaces

Swing and Roll with the

Look at these dudes. They rock. I used to Call them Elvisy. These guys are the biggest celebrities in London's outdoor clubbing. You don't need to ask them twice to go and dance when the first sound is pulled out of the speakers:) One day I need to ask them to join their team.


Mr Peshi and his spinning beauty.

Son, are you hungry? Mom gimmie a break can you see how these mates are swingin' Mom?

My favourite dude - Ken Smith on a Double Bass, such a great musician.

Yeah, Swing baby swing!

Good boys wearing my shoes.

Look at her and die. I'm an idiot, I didn't even ask for a number.

If you're not taken I'll find you one day. It's my weakness to dancers. She has got that natural thing I just can't describe.

I don't mind cute models, but beauty is something more then Selfridges, Boots Drugstore and Tony and Guy hairdresser.

Drop these flowers by the wall, we're going to swing with the guys.

Play it again Sam.

And let's chill out on the back of the CG.

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