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Did I disappoint you a bit with the lack of new posts? Don't worry the sun is shining I'm getting paid for little work (It's always easy since I moved to London, so don't tell me bullshit about coming back to Poland) so get ready for some new stories:)

Oh my lovely actresses Zina and Demi. Loads of love I'm sending you now, girls. that sounds very me:) Ziolkowski. Yeah. Is there any famous Ziolkowskie yet? And these neon, oh yeah.

Magda and Christine. How you doing girls?

My ziomales/blokes/mates/dudes from 3city at our favourite posh club at Bahlam - Zloty Orzel:)

And my great friend from 3city as well. Chris del Kobrzak from Begroup.

And Paulinka, little bit blurred, but we will work on the better shot soon.

Please don't tell me that you don't know who Jimmie H. is. It should be the first question before I ask what is your name.

Fun, fun, fun and sense of humour. If you got this value, you will never forget it whatever happens.

Changes in my life... I guess guys have good fun in Sopot tonite. All the best for you: Perel, Ewelina, Ziolek, Kowik, Bari, Kisiel, Pyrtas and other dudes.

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