UK, London, Back to life

After 3 weeks health break I'm back to life. It's a Friday's night and I'm uploading my travel videos into various live tv websites mostly around US. I've got a feeling that when you stay too long in one place you are loosing a sense of reality and future trends. Thanks God we've got Internet, so we can travel like Jamiroquai - without moving anywhere we truly want.

My new experience is how 30 minutes of swimming pool can change your mood. It's amazing how much our body is connected with our brain.

I found that there are plenty people in London bored with life and concerning themselves as lazy. Being lazy in London, being bored in London. It sounds like a joke but you would be surprised of how many people feel like this.

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  1. i agree about the swimming: have spent the last five years campaigning for Broomhill Pool in Ipswich for that reason

    google "broomhill pool" or "broomhill lido" to find out more

    also have a look at the yahoo group Pooling Resources


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