UK, London, Marcel Lozinski "HOW TO DO IT"

Absolutely hilarious document about Polish media adviser "Piotr Tymochowicz"

And Marcel Lozinski - the master of documentary. Conratulations Mr Lozinski, phenomenal sense of humour.

After few beers Bartek said:) "Helo, Bartlomiej Luszcz,, I've got a question... "
There was also a young man who menioned that I laughed too loud so he could not have focused on such a serious document. This young man made me laugh for the rest of the night so I rerely could help my abdomen pain:) Some guys needs penis enlargement or at least go for holidays and not to Lomza.

While we watched the movie these guys entertained the rest of Londoners their break dance skills.

And I could have not resisted the taste of Ruskie Pierogi in Posk. In the background the most famous impresario in Hammersmith - the boss of POSK.

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