Poland, Warsaw, "No proszę Cię" (z bardzo glupim akcentem):)

Yeah, Victory, Victory, Victory, Zdrastwujtie.

Maines bruder und her glupishe pomyslmachen.

Ula, Ula is dinning well in Buffo Theatre, drinking wine with local celebrities:)

Not bad almost as gorgeous as in Gdansk:)

Industrial design in the capital.

Ginger is feeding the Ginger.

Where Kochanowski wrote Treny:)

Czy paw moze puscic pawia? Any ideas of what could have made them to do it?

Dudes in a childish club Piekarnia.

As a reply to the harshest bouncer in Utopia who let us in for free saying that we've got potential:) It was pretty boring. We expected a wild party and pretty models.
"Widzę tu potęncjal" "No proszę Cię" > The two most irritating warsaw slang lines:)

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