UK, London, Miss of the Wet T-Shirt at a chavy Polish club - Klub Orla Bialego na / at Balham Part 2

I've got a bloody cold and I hate staying home. So in order to kill boredom I am reading polish portals like Onet, Wp, Gazeta. What embarrasses me the most is level of intelligence of poles taking part in discussion. It's unbelievable of how easy is to manipulate the crowd by provoked them using common typos.

Reading polish comments makes me happy that I live in UK.

Let's have a look at the left photos from wet t-shirt party at famous Klub Orla Bialego at Bahlam in London.

This scary place makes me laugh.

The first Brut poured on her young hair and nipples.

They got harder, easy to spot;)

They took this dude into ecstasy dream.

Who is going to win dvd player?

Please go home.

Girls on the stage.

And the winner is...

Hi, My name is Bartek, we are making a movie and been thinking if you'd be interested in taking part in it? Here is my business card, call ma after 9:)

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