UK, London, Hammersmith, My Long birthday - Day 3 Disco Polo Party the Posk

Disc Jockey at he's best. The Akcent and the Boys ruled the party.

Everybody dance, everybody clap your hands.

I can now imagine my wedding...
All guests on the guests list enjoyed this special night, cheers!

While some are chilling and sipping polish beers the others swinging as it was their last night ever:).

The Bday has been recordered by hired director.

Even biggest anty-disco polo fans were swinging on the dancefloor in ecstasy.

And famous polish actress was serving us drinks.

Spinning around the Christmas tree.

Polish girls are cute, aren't they?:)

Late show downstairs.

Youth and wisdom together in front of the worse looking building in West London - the Posk. But we love it anyway.

My birthday has been shown at all off-license shops at West End.

But before you head off home let's talk about taking over this place by young blood like you!

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