UK, London, Islington, Robbery at Virgin Active - who cares, Sir Richard Branson you are loosing your fan

It's your responsibility not to bring any valuables and leave at locker. So what If I was living far away and wanted to use gym on my way back home? Why nobody will take an action and do anything with this. Mr Sir Richard Branson it looks like you are loosing a big fan. Please find a way to avoid similar situation in the future. Robbery in Virgin Active sounds like a big mistake, apart from the fact that it has been probably made by Polish winker, polish motherfucker, just polish. Do you know why? This person smsed 2 numbers after he took my mobile, guess what are the numbers? 0048... and the 0777.... Polski chuj, arghhh... I've heard that Poles like to steal from reacher instead get reacher by work or brain use. Thanks good I know wonderful poles in UK as well. Good bless my friends. You are give me energy to live.