UK, London, Islington, Robbed at the Sport Centre

I'm sorry to say but I was robbed at my sport centre. When I was practicing asanas somebody crashed to my locker room and took my bloody trousers including wallet, mobile and key. This poor guy left me jumper and jacket so I managed to survive UK's winter in my bahama shorts. I'm sure he will be selling my trousers on e-bay trying to capitalize on my fame:) I managed to block all the stuff so I'm cool.

I'd like to thank Justina, my good friend to help me, bringing cans of beers from the Arab off-license shop and giving me a space to sleep plus couple of pounds to survive the next day:)

Now I'm writing from home since I managed to wake up and catch Corine (my flatmate) while she is getting ready to go work. Good bless all idiots so they stop ripping off cool people while they practice Yoga anymore.

BTW: Don't call me today or tomorrow. I've got no mobile so far but I managed to do the backups of my numbers from October so I guess most of important numbers are save. I'll be on GG and email so far.

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