UK, London, I joined Virgin Active;)

If you wondered what happened to me since I stopped constantly update my photoblog here is the answer. I joined Virgin Sport Centre in Angel. Since I signed up for a monthly unlimited membership I have been spending loads of great time there. Unfortunately they don't allow papparazi to bring the cameras so my photoblog has been a bit empty.

Yes, you have heard that well - I joined gym. I suprised myself as well. I hated idea of going to gym thinking that it's for people who life's highest priority is to look good even if they hate to do the sport. I was wrong. It's a place for everybody. It's funny but I've noticed that the more you do the sport the more energy you produce so at the end of a day you end up with a power to do the other stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I love team, social sports. Since I don't have bunch of decent mates to play footie in the winter and traveling from Islington to the Hyde Part seems to be a huge hassle I individually decided to look after my body and spirit.
I've done Gym, Spinning, Yoga, Sauna, Swimming pool so far. There are more classes available.
I must say I became a victim of the V brand. After I had finished amazing trip with Virgin Atlantic from Australia I've read inspiring short book written by Richard Branson (the founder and owner of Virgin), who is my new hero. For me it's a British version of Anthony Robbins who actually loves who he does. I loved the part of the book when he is talking how a taxi driver driven him somewhere later appeared to be a unknown Phil Collins.

I promise you to back to the habit of taking pictures and provide shots from my new life style.

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