UK, London, Chillin' London video by Macias

Watch this buddy's video and get a feel of a polish man in London. This video has been made by my friend Macias. Make him happy and leave your comments. And don't forget to plug your speakers in.


  1. First all..congratulations to a fellow award winner!!
    Secondly..what a wonderful's a great tribute to the wonderful vibe of the greatest city in the world. As a born and bred Londoner..this video is a fine tribute to my home city!

  2. re: video. it must have been a busy day in London:) I like the camera work, it is always important to have planty of nice shots while cutting to such a long track. I know it is hard to compress all of London's spirit into one short but, having the same problem while editing,I think it is always good idea to cut the music as well. Than the shorter, more vibrant filnal product will encourage more people to watch it apart form other struggling filmmakers(myself;)But don't worry, another idea could be dividing clip onto few parts using dissolve or wipe effects. Another idea could be just not to listen to me, and keep up a good work! All the best.

  3. Didn't seem too long to me! Thanks for the memory trip. Wouldn't want to go back to the smoke now.
    Congrats on the bobaward, from another bobaward winner.

  4. Hi guys! It's me - Macias. Thanks for your comments. So, now I'm happy to make you happy while you are watching this video (-: I've been to London a few days - London is absolutely amazing!!! It was the most incredible time of my life in 2006. All the best! See ya!
    P.S. Filip, many thanks you presenting my clip on your webpage!

  5. Hey!
    Can anyone tell me what was that movie about?
    It's not available anymore :(


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