London, Holborn, Sunny crispy London in Red Lion Square

I've almost forgotten how is to be on the 1st on November in Poland. I've received funny sms from Perel "Polska tonie w szarosci, swieto zmarlych a co ty porabiasz w Londku, pakujesz bermudy i durexy do walizki?:)" In fact it's sunny day. I've already come back from my chillin' lunch based on my fav Thai Green Curry Chicken. I'm listening to the Michael Franti "Oh my god" and "Say hello to heaven" Temple of The Dog. Thinking of Jackie Chans, visas, red convertible Cadillacs, my brown tanned happy face, wheels, and bottle of rum in my right hand after smooth surfing in the ocean. Say hello to heaven... Heaven...I've got that again. You know what I'm sayin'?

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