London, Wandsworth, a day with Buddha

Where is my key? In front of my house in Angel.

The East London is mine.

The cute girl from a bus - Emilia from Bialystok, recently living in Warsaw. It's worth to learn Polish:)

At Waterloo.

That's where the polish Buddhists are.

Blues blue shoes.

Local cocaine from Kaszebe:)

A doll going to Russia.

And the author of the joke, cool dude.

Before lecture.

Learning about cause and effect. A very interesting topic brilliantly led my Hungarian teacher. It's a shame she didn't understand my joke, and generally was difficult to get in touch with her.

At Putney just after the road trip with Lithuanian and right before the party.

Aniol, a very nice guy. He admitted that Buddhism takes the whole his time so he's got no anytime left to do photography portfolio. Obviously he wants to be a photographer in London.
Yeah party, party. Even if I learnt not to expect anything I've had bigger expectation so I left after 12.

on the way back home

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