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yourself a break

What is the energy vampire? Have you ever met an energy vampire? Nope? I doubt it. In my theory it's somebody who tries very hard to steal your good energy. Someone who has got no life, is frustrated, and gets excited to get people down. He/she approaches you as a friend, gives y. You don't really know what is going on but in somehow your mood is a bit down. After few words with that person you feel knocked and exhausted. But you still like him/her until things are going too far.

I believe we are living in a perfect world and most of the time things are going well. I like people in general but I also can't understand when somebody complains all time long at everything. Some people can't find happiness within themselves so they really envy when you are successful, happy, energised, talented, smart.... It's their mission to get you down. I can't really understand that. What's the point?

Sometimes I've got a feeling that it's very "Polish" to complain on everything. If you are Polish you probably know what I'm talking about. If you not, trust me, we - Poles are lovely people but we love to complain as well. Maybe that's why somebody discovered vodka? I must admit there were times when I was down and I had to fight with my polish nature saying to myself "Filip take it easy, there are more interesting things then complaining, calm down". Most of the times it helped. But when I moved to UK/London I can't remember if I met someone really negative. That's why I love this rainy capital, I love these temporary people from all around the world. Most of the time they are too busy to think of anything else but themselves. It's really healthy.

I am always surprised how helpfull and encouraging people might be here, even in such a big city as London. If they don't appreciate what you do they say nothing or simply: "interesting", "I can see your point", "let's discuss that". Life would be much easier if everybody learnt from English how to be constructive about the art, religion and world in general and how to accept different point of views. And finally how to make this world a better place. And I believe at the end of the day we deeply all wants the same...

(Just to make sure that none of my friends get offended - it's about a lukasz and his "funny" wife)


  1. stereotype or not stereotype, there is some truth in what you're saying about complaining Poles,Filip. I see the difference between the Polish attitude and English attitude as well. and by the way, I know a vampire too so I understand yor point.

  2. there is a difference between cultural diversity and stereotypes, mate.

  3. to the Polish girl who tries not to complain: Just listen to yourself. I guess the message is clear enough to everyone.

  4. it wasn't complaining. it was criticizing. but i guess the message wasn't that clear :)

  5. Read again the title of the post and if you still don't understand I can't help you. I wish you good luck.


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