London, Fulham Broadway, Chelsea-Barcelona
(a looooooooooong post)

Veni, vidi, vici. Been there done that:)

I got it, I got it. Grappa!

Even Mr. Cool loves footie, Joga bonita:)

Master of the masters. Ronaldinio. He might be out the form but he's a genius and we love him a lot.

The hero of the game and the German Beckham - Ballack.

Whazz up Droggs?

?Qe paso Puyol?

Half time and hard work. I wish I worked that hard:)

I played 3 months in Lechia Gdansk as a junior. Shitty managers didn't bother developing my talent. But my son one day...if not a musician...

Goooool, and unfortunately the only one. Come on Barca you can do it in Camp Nou.

Even Juli didn't help.

The Chelsea fans have little balls comparing to...

...Arsenal fans, I love Arsenal:) This club reflects passion and diversity of London.

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  1. Chelsea fans have small balls?

    And you are a BIG IDIOT!


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