London, from Nothing Hill to Bond Street, Friday night

That was the Friday's party nite. First I went to Aldona's leaving drinks.

A cool wall at one of my favorite places in West London - Nothing Hill.

You can practice Yoga even in a All-Bar-One. In fact as my teacher said practicing Asana is based on every movement followed by the breath and it does not much matter if you are very flexible. Anybody not convinced to Yoga, anyone who is looking for some peace and relaxation time I encourage to go to Yoga class. And Stew (it's not the m8 on the picture) the Scottish teacher is one of the best I've had. Every Thursday at 7 in Camden.

Aldona, and her work friends. She is going to be a photographer and I believe that if she works hard enough one day she will be among the best in London.

I do like window shopping. I love this magnetic window coler.

Emre, the Turkish cool buddy, Patrick and Gabriel - Poles born here. Good fellas.

Annabel, one of my favorite ex-work colleagues from Bulldog. We spent lots of good time last year during the lunch times.

Way back home.

I mentioned to take a picture of the dirty tramps (London's underground style from 2003), usually weared by Spanish spoken, fighting with "the system", cute girl in the age of 19. But in somehow it came out as an interesting shot.

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