London, Dalston, The weekend that could have not existed

Yep, Sometimes I feel wasted. Since I started working "very hard" I can't see any difference between Monday and Saturday. The only difference are expectations. You expect much more from Saturday then from Monday but sometimes it doesn't work like you this way. Saturday and Sunday has gone and I can't do anything with this. Nothing really amazing happened. I had a plan to go to the Buddhist lecture but I became a victim of poor London's transportation system and personal laziness. I hate to be lazy but today I don't deserve no other nickname for this weekend other then lazy bustard;) Hopefully a new day is tomorrow and so many exciting things to do and see. I've been to borders again ,read some books about traveling and travel photography. I really feel like backpacking. To take my laptop camera, camcorder and go wild. If only guitar was more handy I'd take it for my trip and finally use my musical talent. I can feel like its boiling within my brain/heart/fingers/mouth waiting to be released one day.

If you ever felt like you used a day without fireworks give me a five. At least I met lovely kids and their mother inviting me next Sunday to the Christian mass in order to listen and watch how black people celebrate love to Jesus and God. I also been to Candid gallery and met fascinating young artists desperately looking for a webdesigner > green light > I'll never be unemployed:) Finally I went to Dalston and drunk a pint with my friend Justice in a funky, trendy, dogdy Jazz Bar .

Looking for a squat? It's pretty here.

Street art in Dalston, opposite the squat. It's really cool.

In a Jazz Bar.

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