London, Angel, Yatta and Polish-Japanese night

Her name is Yosiko and she is a lovely, fantastic person with the positive energy.

She was very impressed about my knowledge of Yatta, which I discovered, downloaded and enjoyed thanks to our e-Perel-pedia, dude who knows everything (just look at him in our movies:).

The Yatta is very popular in Japan, but Yosiko said that nobody she's met in London has any idea about guys. So turn your speakers on and enjoy!


  1. zbysiu10:08 AM

    sie nie przyzna pewnie i tak ;)

  2. haha:) toscie mnie rozpracowali:)

  3. przem ale nie ten sam co u góry4:13 PM

    Yatta! lol
    A kobitka bardzo urocza ;)


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