London, Angel, The power or forgotten emotions

I've got no pictures to share with you, but I've got something else. My shortcut considerations. Since the egg-fight on Thursday my inner self-defense system was weakened. So with a little help of my sick brother, widen opened window at night and the nightlife I'received a cold. Today I ma spending the whole afternoon in my bed sleeping, half sleeping and watching "Man on Fire". If not my cold I have not remembered how it feels to be really touched. Funny to say but I'm a man but I was crying every 15 minutes. Crying or having tears in my eyes is it the same? I can't hide my easteuropean, sentimental soul. haha. I remember when I was a kid I was crying when the old cars crashed, thinking that people were dying in them:) I'm a bit weird I cried not only because I've seen a lonely hurted man but also by seeing colorful streets of Mexico, listening to the Latin soundtrack, tracking the sound of Spanish language, thinking about violence, thinking about my future trips. On Thursday I was filled with anger, yesterday with laughter, today I am touched. The only feeling I can't remember is love. Love between man and woman. Maybe I need to watch another movie about love. Have you got any ideas? Please don't recommend me any boring, black and white European pseudo artistic movies. I don't mind to see something similar to Samotari, Amelia or Love Actually.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    How about "3-iron"?

  2. bardzo dobry film co kadr z niego :)
    podobał mi się choć na początku trącił tanią sensacja, koniec robi wrażenie

  3. Paulinka2:06 PM

    Men on Fire - one of my favorites ;o)))
    Ogladalam ostatnio przez przypadek City of Angels ... nie jest to happy end ale ... jest fajny ...
    UUU independent - Colombian - Mi Abuelo, mi papa, y yo ... Dago García & Juan Carlos Vásquez, Colombia, 2005, 95 min.

  4. Anonymous9:06 PM

    ...maybe... tommorow..
    "Wicker Park" <- this is a movie i'd recommend you to watch ;-)
    take care!

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Watch the Notebook! its heart rentching good! i cry hysterically every time i see it but it feels you with the thought that love like that is beautiful =) Enjoy! Let me know if you watched it..i think you will like it very much!

  6. Thank you all for recommendations. I'll see them all and tell you if I felt anything.

  7. Paulina1:11 PM

    a man who doesn't want to show he is crying "because men don't cry" is a coward. a real man isn't afraid of breaking the stereotype and showing he is crying or that he is scared.that makes him a man.
    but sorry, I can't think of any good movies, so you'll just have to zadowolic sie moim filozoficznym elaboratem na temat placzacych mezczyzn. jak dobrze ze istnieje nasz jezyk ojczysty bo znudzilo mi sie ukladanie tej wypowiedzi po angielsku:)

  8. hm..dont watch films find right person for you, and look at her eyes you will expire every kind of emotions :)

  9. hm..dont watch films find right person for you, and look at her eyes you will expire every kind of emotions :)


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