London, Angel, Never generalize anything

Lazy Sunday in Angel. I spent few hours in Border bookstore watching, reading hundreds of books about design, photography and travel. While drinking Starback coffee I was observing young girls stared at colorful, shallow magazines full of scandals and celebrities. Then I've met Paulina. She is only 18 and also very mature and creative person. Sometimes I think that she must be too mature or I must be too childish. Funny thing is that we are born at the same day, but I was 12 years earlier. You just can't generalize anything in this world. On one hand you are meeting plain people getting excited about someone else life and on the other one you are meeting very deep and creative young person with awesome sense of humour. Yes we are living in the age of Paris Hilton and great undiscovered artist known only on myspace.


  1. jak by nie było każdy dzień jest drogą, lepszą lub gorszą ale prowadzącą dalej:)

  2. I think I'm blushing.......... ;)
    a zeby bylo patriotycznie to po naszemu tez napisze...........chyba sie zarumienilam........... ;)


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