London, Angel, My new hero - Sacha Baron Cohen

After meeting Kevin Smith in Edinburgh, watching Limo, Lowcy.B and last Woody Allen movie I was thinking that nobody will make me die of laugh, but I was wrong. I was partying too much and I've got a cold. So I spent the whole bloody day at home doing nothing but watching you tube movies and you know what? I discovered my new buddy - guy called Sacha Baron Cohen. The same one who played funny characters like Borat, Ali G and Bruno. I must say this guy rocks. What's more the same day when I'm writing my post I've got a phone call from my old good friend I haven't spoken for a while - Ben. Ben works in the movie industry making fx for Ridley Scott blockbusters like Troya etc. We are about to meet someday this week. It sounds awesome since I like this guy and we were not in touch for a while. Now I really understand the cause and effect. What's more I'm having my new funny celebrity in London - Mr Sacha Baron Cohen. Type in Youtube Ali G, Borat and Bruno and get ready to spend the whole day on laughing as loud as the Thames river goes:) I love you Jaw. You are awesome.

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