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I love Mondays, so many things happens, you need to open your eyes and kick yourself out of home, that's it.

Love hurts, but it's worth trying. Thanks god I can't remember how it feels.

Mr Janusz's car. Do you remember the first Polish edition of Big Brother? Janusz the fireman won. He was a bit dull and boring but behaved safely that he didn't insult anybody. And who won the first edition of BB in your country?

A London street model. I'm living in the city full of surprises

Friends from Gdansk. Justina was playing in our first director's cut in Noc w Trojmiescie I (The night in the Tricity). We've known each other since we worked together in doggy company in central Gdansk - PCI.

New York is calling now.

Guys were so positive so they deserve a space on my blog.

And a cute girl as well. She's probably an Australian from Sydney with half Greek roots:)

Our table neighbors.

Good buy Dalston:)

Welcome to my brother gizmo.

Do you think I'm funny.

Brothers in arms.

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  1. Czytajac te twoje blogi juz sie nie moge doczekac na wycieczke! Bedziemy mieli niezla grupe! ;o))) I podoba mi sie twoj swiatopoglad wiec mysle ze sie dogadamy dobrze!
    DO ZOBACZENIA W AUSSI !!!!! pozdro


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