Spain, Sevilla, from bodega to bodega

You would probably asked what bodega means. I don't know but FNC are singing about Korean bodega which is a local store. In Spain "Bodega" is written in front of bars for everyone where cheap tapas and cerveza is available almost 24 hours.

That's where we are staying, on top of Sevilla.

Cute senioritas

Betis where all the bar are.

Plaza del Toros, where bulls are dying from the hand of bloody Spanish torreadors. We were one day late to judge this show.

Kowik making movie of dancing Fil on arena.

That's for you if you bored or tired of work.

Drinking wine in posh university, thanks god I don't need to study useless copy of my
patient school mate. When I have a kid I'll forbid him to study in order to save precious time. to the new Woodie Allen:) (all right, I'm drinking wine on to of the roof in Sevilla, I might change my mind tomorrow when I go back to London:)

Is there anybody there Who can teach me Flamenco? As you can see it helps in life.

That's in front of bodega.

I think if I met her I could fell in love. It's almost like in Almodovar.

I changed my profession, hired myself in local Sevilla's washing room.

Hey, don't worry! We've got a personal security. We're pretty safe. Cya in London the day after tomorrow!


  1. useful information blog,very good content.

  2. Filip, it appears that your world is non stop travel - amazing pictures as per normal - really enjoy your blogging! Mick


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