Spain, San Fernandos, On the road to Los Canios

We are sitting on the bus in the hole called San Fernando. On the way from Cadiz to Los Canios the busdriver stopped the bus, and with our advanced knowledge of Spanish we have no clue what we are waiting for. It seems that our bus broke up. Who knows, maybe it is too modern for traditional Andalusian landscapes. The sun is shining and weather is sweet, we are waiting on the bus, with the man looking like Marlon Brando. Pink shirt, mustaches, hairy chest, Mediterranean hut and tough look. It's so cool to be on the road even if I could be snorkeling in the blue water of Atlantic Ocean chasing scared octopussies. I'm thinking about all my friends what they are up to tonite. I'd like to share with all of you some happiness. People in Andalusia are cute and very lively. I'll try to prove it with my camera. You can feel the positive energy from them on every corner. Forget about silence. Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) would never be famous as a song composer if he was born in Andalusia.

We have got nothing to do, so let's walk around and take some cheesy shots, for example wedding in Andalusia:)

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  1. to nie ten polski aktor siedzi sobie na jednej z fot? kurde dobre wakacje sobie strzeliłes.


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