Spain, Punta Umbria, Seafood, Spanish mates and wide footie

We are somewhere and nowhere, actually in the place is called Punta Umbria near Huelva by the ocean. We are eating fresh prawns, watching Premiera Division Real Madrid against betis Sevilla and drinking cold cerveza. People are very friendly so far. Spanish football supporters are everywhere, so I'm feeling like home. The plan of going to Portugal has to wait until we wake up and find out how far we are from the border and if there is any reasonable transport from here. My finger smells fresh ocean, Davidoff from tax free shop in Amsterdam mixed with Andalusian Atlantic wave, so nobody will give me a shit that he doesn't like seafood. You've probably tried the old, frozen of cheated ones.

On the road to nowhere

hole Amigo, hahaha,

Opss I see:)

No problemo muchacos

Polish Spanish friendship, they could have not believed that we are polish. There are no polish tourist in this area.

In Andalusia you've got mullets, lively people and Flamenco

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