Spain, Conil de la Frontera, on the way to Huelva

Once we are sitting on pufas and chilling out while listening Bob Dylan watching and considering stars set up on the south part of the earth we've got some new consideration. I need to mention first that we already have drunken wine from paper box with the polish sing on it called "wino czerwone" and few beers, but they are spanish - not very strong. So... I made up a theory which is a combination of what we called heaven and hell and reincarnation. For example if you were a skinhead or rasist you are going down to the lower galactic where you've got to be a slave. Black (and brown ar violet whatever you call them) and asian guys are making you to work for them, picking up tea leaves and cocaine. If you are resonable good and listening fun loving criminals you are going up to the upper galactic where nobody wears mustaches (apart from my father) and nobody is reading colorful magazines about life of persons like Paris Hilton. I'm sorry but there is no Robbie Wiliams gig there as well.

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  1. Bardzo mi się podobają te zdjecia, pozdrawiam Ania


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