Spain, Cadiz, in the city of Christopher Columbus

Me and Kowik decided to visit the city where Christopher Columbus started his trip to conquer the world. That's the main reason why we are here. On the south part of Spain Andalusia close to Portugal there are two shy backpackers trying to conquer the San Miguel's world and more. What's more Cadiz is probably the capital of mullets, we need to be more careful with the camera. They are too quick on their mopeds.

Morning Spain

Bye London

Typical Cadiz architecture

I wanted to pay Czech Coronas thinking that it's Euro. It's how living in Uk makes you ignorant.

Uno Cerveza per favour

Sky is the limit so fly as high as you can, towards sun

But not everybody is on holidays, right?

But we are!

So enjoy your life it's never too late!

More pictures soon...

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